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Safe Refuge Rescues, Nurtures, and Rebuilds lives devastated by extreme poverty, abuse and the sex–trade.

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Rescue a girl and provide a safe refuge for victims of human trafficking.


Join our family to help make her safe.


Did you know that every 12 minutes
a new child is sex trafficked?


Urgent Need

Written by Administrator.

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Who Do You Depend On?


 With every new girl who comes to live at Safe Refuge, we hear the same stories of abandonment, exploitation, and no one to depend on for help, for food, and safety.
It's a natural part of life that people fail us, and we teach the girls through living life together, that
God is the only one who will never fail us. The reality is He made us to be His hands and feet on earth. So the way He moves and gives us someone to depend on is through each other. It's never going to be one person or one ministry who is the answer but it is through united care and concern that we extend His love and grace.
Just like in your homes, sometimes things happen all at once, last week was rough!
Some of the support we were counting on hasn't come in, summer is always a little slow but we were able to enroll everyone and we are so thankful.
This weekend we are in one of those really tight places where money for drinking water and food is even scarce. 
From hospitalizations to broken faucets and pipes, the van breaks down, tuition is due, rents are due, several kids get sick at once and need antibiotics..
We have a lot of lives depending on us!
Can You Help? Every dollar is immediately multiplied times 48 (the current exchange rate) and no gift is too small in the hands of our Great God!
Thank you for continuing to stand with us!


“There are an estimated 800,000 prostituted persons in the Philippines and it is ranked fourth in the world for MOST children in prostitution. Manila has the most prostituted persons in the nation with an estimated 100,000 child prostitutes in Manila alone. Join us and learn how you can help.


In underdeveloped nations half a million die a year from preventable pregnancy complications. 3,000 women die EVERY DAY. 2 women every 60 seconds. Safe Refuge cares for and provides the necessary medical provisions and birthing care so girls can give birth to healthy children and learn how to care for their lives and the lives of their babies. Every life is worth it! Making one life SAFE includes providing for the women and children who are pregnant and in need of care.