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Safe Refuge Rescues, Nurtures, and Rebuilds lives devastated by extreme poverty, abuse and the sex–trade.

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Rescue a girl and provide a safe refuge for victims of human trafficking.


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Did you know that every 12 minutes
a new child is sex trafficked?


February 2015

Written by Administrator.


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Writing Stories with our YES and our NO..



In these three pictures, you are looking at three amazing stories of miracle lives.

When you see her amazing smile and sparkling eyes, you would never imagine the pain and suffering she has known. A daughter of a prostitute, unprotected she was raped and violated before she was 5 years old. A teenager held captive, sold over and over, hopeless. A baby girl born with a birth defect and left to die... These are the stories behind the breathtakingly beautiful eyes and smiles; stories that are now forever changed. She's safe today, she's loved and protected. The teenager is full of hope for her future and loving her baby girl with a whole heart, she's not the shattered shell that she should be. She's a miracle! At 7 years old she's finally learning how to walk, her mouth that was once a gaping hole in her face, now comes together perfectly in a smile that lights up the dark.
It's impossible not to marvel at the incredible author our God is. How does He write stories of beauty and rescue out of ruins and ugliness?
He writes those stories with you and me. With our every decision, our every tear our every prayer. Every time we say "Yes" and every time we say "No" there's an unseen hand writing out a story we don't get to read on this side of eternity.
We get glimpses of what it might hold, is it a story of redemptive grace and lives rebuilt? Is it a story of beauty from pain, hope from hopelessness, moments perfectly invested?
Maybe we can let such glimpses burn in our hearts a desire to let Him write His story through our everyday moments? We can just live in today buried with the burdens of problems big and small, unanswered questions and unknowns, or we can stand in what we do know and choose to invest our today for eternity. Choose to say "YES" to anything he asks of us and "NO" to the things that waste our lives. We only get one life to live and every ONE LIFE has the potential to impact and make another life beautiful, safe, loved.

Thank you for your part in investing in rebuilding lives. Because of your "Yes" lives are being rescued, nurtured, and made safe!


Treasured Daughters..
IMG_0121 2
Healed Healers...
IMG_0756 3
She's graduating from elementary school this month and is dreaming of being a teacher someday.
This daughter prayed desperately for her mama to know freedom. She asked Jesus to make a way for she and her sister and brother to have food and be able to go to school; to be safe and together with their mama.
Beautiful and protected today, her yesterdays point to a God who sees and hears.

Safe Refuge Staff Retreat was a beautiful time of sharing, and growing and encouraging one another! Please keep these women in your prayers as they daily pour out their lives!



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“There are an estimated 500,000 prostituted persons in the Philippines and it is ranked fourth in the world for MOST children in prostitution. Manila has the most prostituted persons in the nation with an estimated 100,000 child prostitutes in Manila alone. Join us and learn how you can help


In underdeveloped nations half a million die a year from preventable pregnancy complications. 3,000 women die EVERY DAY. 2 women every 60 seconds. Safe Refuge cares for and provides the necessary medical provisions and birthing care so girls can give birth to healthy children and learn how to care for their lives and the lives of their babies. Every life is worth it! Making one life SAFE includes providing for the women and children who are pregnant and in need of care.