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Safe Refuge Rescues, Nurtures, and Rebuilds lives devastated by extreme poverty, abuse and the sex–trade.

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Rescue a girl and provide a safe refuge for victims of human trafficking.


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Did you know that every 12 minutes
a new child is sex trafficked?


April 2016

Written by Administrator.

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April 2016
Lifted Up!
It's an exciting time for us at Safe Refuge right now! We are moving into new homes, launching a new project, loving new people, celebrating new college graduates, and facing all kinds of new challenges!
We are growing, we are being stretched, and we are being lifted up! Perspective can be everything especially when navigating new territory.
It's a breathakingly beautiful thing to see our overcomer beauties embrace life in all of it's sorows and joys!
Our First College Graduate!
She did it! Olivia graduated last month with her bachelors degree in Secondary Education! We are so incredibly proud of this amazing young mama, not just her academic accomplishments, but especially who she is as a woman of God and a loving mother to her 6 year old son! Olivia came to Safe Refuge when she was 14 years old, she has overcome so many obstacles to choose life and love and joy no mater how dark the hour or how impossible things may seem. Olivia is looking forward to teaching highschool and having the opportunity to impact future generations with the truth of who our great God really is!
The Main Thing
Somedays the needs and chaos of our day to day at Safe Refuge are overwhelming. When the refrigerator and the van and computer all need repair at once, and sickness hits and of course then there are the failures, the mess-ups, and disappointments of life on earth.
It's easy to get caught up in problem solving and navigating obstacles and to just feel like everything is falling a part. I, Naomi, have had many such moments over the 9 years since Safe Refuge was birthed. Moments where I really needed to be reminded of why we do what we do. This week I got my reminder through the tears of a little girl I just met. She told me how before she came to Safe Refuge she cried herself to sleep everynight wishing she had never been born. Her father died when she was 1 year old and her mother abandoned her shortly therafter. She lived with her uncles as the only female, she was hungry every day, didn't get to go school, and was brutally sexually assaulted on a regular basis. Now she says she thanks Papa Jesus everynight for bringing her to Safe Refuge and she feels "so rich" because she has a bed and food and she gets to go to school; she never imagined that would be her life.
In those minutes, with that precious one, God showed me again what an enormous privilege I have, we have. To see beautiful souls re-built. The unloved living loved.
There will always be broken things and broken people to love and restore, there will always be overwhelming financial needs and obstacles to navigate. But He holds it all together even when everything is falling apart. He does it for the ONE. The one treasured fatherless daughter who encounters her Papa Jesus and the riches of His love.
“There are an estimated 800,000 prostituted persons in the Philippines and it is ranked fourth in the world for MOST children in prostitution. Manila has the most prostituted persons in the nation with an estimated 100,000 child prostitutes in Manila alone. Join us and learn how you can help.


In underdeveloped nations half a million die a year from preventable pregnancy complications. 3,000 women die EVERY DAY. 2 women every 60 seconds. Safe Refuge cares for and provides the necessary medical provisions and birthing care so girls can give birth to healthy children and learn how to care for their lives and the lives of their babies. Every life is worth it! Making one life SAFE includes providing for the women and children who are pregnant and in need of care.